A collage of the three churches in our benefice

100 years ago on 4 August 1918 King George V called a National Day of Prayer. One hundred days later the war ended.

Now you can join us in praying for peace every day from 4th August to 11th November. Visit our website daily to see the prayer for each day.

Click on the image for more information about Remembrance 100.


Welcome to our churches around the Cliffe, where people have encountered God’s love in Jesus for over seven hundred years. We are a community of ordinary people on a journey together as we try to live out our Christian faith in the 21st century.

Every Sunday, you will find a rich variety of worship here – from the beauty and rich tradition of Anglican liturgy and music to the informality of our monthly praise and worship.

It’s not all about Sunday services, though, and we hope you’ll come and see more of what we do as a church from Monday to Saturday.

Whatever your reason for coming here – whether you are in need of help; searching for a church; looking forward to your wedding or christening; exploring faith or simply planning to visit the area – come and see us soon. We would love to meet you.

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